Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation

Motto, Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Ensuring the health and welfare of animals in Texas and celebrating the human animal bond through education, public relations, research, fundraising and the development of people in the field of veterinary medicine.


Caring for animals, advancing the profession, and serving people.

The phrase, “CARING FOR ANIMALS, ADVANCING THE PROFESSION, AND SERVING PEOPLE,” captures the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation’s mission. It includes:

Caring For Animals

  • Provide programs advocating responsible pet ownership and educating the public about the importance of veterinary care for their pets
  • Supporting owner education programs that provide Texas communities with knowledge and information on caring for and protecting their pets, livestock and wildlife

Advancing the Profession

  • Ensuring the infusion of bright new medical talent into the profession by providing support to veterinary students through awards and grants
  • Supporting select programs/projects that advance the art and science of veterinary medicine

Serving People

  •  Support the veterinary community by being the public relations and philanthropic arm of the veterinary profession
  •  Support the veterinary community by providing a contingency fund for disaster and emergency relief


  • The general public knows and respects veterinary medicine
  • We are recognized throughout the state as a leader in animal health and welfare advocacy
  • We are seen as the public relations arm of the veterinary profession
  • We are considered, within the state, as a successful fund-raising organization for animal-related causes
  • We are respected and supported by veterinarians for the work we do on behalf of the profession
  • We are the provider of choice for on-line continuing education for veterinarians, veterinary employees and the general public
  • Our veterinary history museum is utilized and recognized as a valuable community resource
  • We are an effective and efficient organization that excels in mission-oriented results


  • We show respect to one another, our board and our donors
  • We tell the truth as a matter of personal integrity
  • We are honest in our dealings with others and in our stewardship of resources entrusted to our use
  • We operate in the open, with nothing to hide
  • We keep promises and honor commitments
  • We support one another
  • We learn, grow and achieve every day

The TVMF has greatly extended the outreach of TVMA and provides many public relations opportunities for the association. For more information about the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation, please call the Foundation office at 512/452-4224.

To make a donation to the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation in remembrance of a colleague or pet or for any other reason, please call the Foundation office at 512/452-4224.


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