Dr. Emily Burkhart
“I cannot express enough gratitude to TVMA for the enormous investment they have made in me professionally, the personal growth I have received as a direct result and the mentorships and friendships I have developed along the way.” —Emily Burkhart, DVM
Dr. Brad Buckley, State Representative
“TVMA is the driving force for good policy that serves our patients and profession well.”—State Representative Brad Buckley, DVM
Drs. Jeffrey and Whitney Ledford
“Thank you very much to TVMA for all of your hard work and support. We have reached out to Chris Copeland and Elizabeth Choate on several occasions, and they both have been extremely helpful. TVMA has personally been very valuable to us and our practice.”
—Jeffrey and Whitney Ledford
, DVMs
Dr. Chris Jones
“The TVMA Annual Conference is a fantastic place to meet new friends and reconnect with older ones while getting great CE. It’s also a perfect time to explore the benefits of TVMA and get involved. The more participation we have, the more our voice will be heard.”
—Chris Jones, DVM
Dr. Cheryl York
“During the COVID-19 pandemic, TVMA’s response has been to provide its members with multiple resources and guidance in these ever-changing times, whether it be with legal direction, social media connectivity or telehealth advice. However, one thing has remained constant—TVMA will always be here for us, and I know they’ll always continue to bring a sense of community and belonging.”—Cheryl York, DVM
Dr. Gary Spence
“TVMA was the first professional organization I joined after graduation in 1979. What a game-changer! TVMA is always supportive and always there with suggestions when I need them. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, TVMA’s support, suggestions and tips to continue practicing safely are the light at the end of this dark tunnel.”—Gary Spence, DVM
Andrea Craig, LVT
“I find purpose and a sense of pride being part of an organization that does so much for the veterinary community. As a member of TVMA, I can make a difference in a profession I’ve loved forever.”—Andrea Craig, LVT

Dr. Don Cleary
“TVMA is our political voice and keeps us updated on legislative actions. This is our organization, and we need to be together on issues affecting our profession.”Don Cleary, DVM
Dr. Jennifer Whatley
“TVMA is an organization made up of amazing people who are looking out for the best interest of veterinarians. Whether they are monitoring and proactively taking a stance against legislation that may be detrimental to our profession, supporting programs to encourage DVM wellbeing or finding ways to best support our businesses, TVMA is there for us.”—Jennifer Whatley, DVM
Dr. Dawn Metzger
“The free online learning and continuing education from TVMA is very convenient and easy to use. I used it while out of the country for several months in order to not fall behind with CE.”—Dawn Metzger, DVM
Dr. Mary Anne White
“Being a member of TVMA is like being a member of a family. From the other veterinarians who are members to the TVMA leadership to the staff, I have been mentored and guided through the early part of my career by TVMA members. I would not be the veterinarian that I am today without my TVMA membership.” —Mary Anne White, DVM
Dr. Deb Thorne
“To be a successful veterinarian, it is important to be a part of your local, state (TVMA) and national organizations because they are so important in our guidance and education and in protecting our licenses.”—Deb Thorne, DVM
Dr. Jodi Long
“As a member of TVMA, I feel that I have the opportunity to help make a positive difference for my profession. My voice is heard and acknowledged as valuable.

TVMA networking opportunities have allowed me to develop important relationships, helped me improve my communication skills and increased my veterinary dentistry knowledge. I have had the privilege to help mentor younger veterinarians and help them reach their goals and develop leadership skills. And I have financially benefited from the Business Alliance Committee’s efforts with our vendor relationships.”—Jodi Long, DVM

Dr. Don Ferrill, JD
“Active involvement with TVMA will inspire you to be the kind of practitioner you need to be to avoid the pitfalls of practice and enjoy the practice of medicine your entire career. Without TVMA the practice of veterinary medicine would have ceased to exist, a long time ago. There is always someone looking to exclude a part of the practice of veterinary medicine from the licensing act so that a license is not required to perform the act. Taking advantage of TVMA’s business alliances will more than pay your dues each year.”Don Ferrill, JD, DVM
Dr. Clayton Cobb
“In TVMA, we all have a voice. The diversity of backgrounds, practices and personalities that make up the membership of TVMA is wide. Therefore, the opinions and concerns also vary. This is the exact reason why each voice in TVMA is listened to. Being a member in TVMA means you have a voice, and with that voice, action can be taken to preserve and better veterinary medicine.”—Clayton Cobb, DVM
Drs. Dana and Eric Kneese
“We love being active members of TVMA and the camaraderie it brings in our lives. TVMA allows us to connect with other members and staff, meet new people and reconnect with old friends. The network we’ve made for professional and personal support is lifelong. We encourage others to join and be active, especially early in their careers because the connections you make today through TVMA may lead to wonderful opportunities in the future.”—Dana and Eric Kneese, DVMs
David Sessum, LVT
"As a member of TVMA, I have opportunities to participate in discussions, and have direct input on issues and legislative actions, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, and the veterinary profession. If you’re not a TVMA member, you’re missing out. Why not get your information straight from the source and from an organization that understands the pulse of the profession, truly represents the interests of its members, and provides insight into issues affecting the entire profession?”—David Sessum, LVT
Dr. Anmarie Macfarland
“It gives me peace of mind knowing that, as a TVMA member, I have easy access to answers regarding the frequently changing and often confusing laws and regulations applicable to veterinary practice.”—Anmarie Macfarland, DVM